A moment out of time


« A parenthesis, an invitation to travel: an hour to escape and let yourself be lulled to the rhythm of a massage »

Before or after your SPA session, Escale et Bien-être also offers massages practiced by a state-qualified beautician:

75 € An hour of softness and relaxation thanks to the soft and fluid movements of the whole bodyfor a feeling of lightness. Modelage Californien
75 € An hour of escape alternating kneading, touching and tapping your whole body to release body tensions. Modelage Oriental
65 € 3/4 of an hour of relaxation targeted on the upper back, neck and skull so that you no longer have to carry the world... Modelage Head Neck and Shoulders
70 € One hour of grapefruit scrub / seaweed poultice and candle massage Candle back care

*these massages are not recommended for pregnant women